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Unlock the potential of the eyes as the ultimate interface with the digital world

Who we are


We are a collection of top electrical engineering minds, balanced out by experienced industry professionals from top global IT brands as well as leading experts in human behavior psychology. We’re focused on creating impactful solutions in the field of eye-tracking.

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What we do


We focus on creating the next generation eye tracking modules that can be easily integrated into AR/VR modules to help unlock the potential of the eye as a seamless interface into the extended reality world.

Ganzin Team

Our Team


Ganzin, based in Taipei, Taiwan, is a collection of young dreamers mostly straight-out of graduate electrical engineering powerhouse of National Taiwan University. This fresh out of school mindset allows Ganzin to think and dream without limits about the possibilities of innovation.


The team is managed by experienced industry veterans from companies such as TSMC, NVIDIA, ARM, as well as AMD, and guided by distinguished professors, like the principal founder Shao-Yi Chien and IEEE fellow Hung-Min Chen, ensuring that their boundless dreams are directed towards achievable goals.


Unlike many tech startups which are heavily staffed by hardcore core techies, Ganzin is balanced out by top minds in the fields of psychology and human behavior, specifically professor Su Ying Leh a leading researcher in her field at NTU. This balance gives the team critical perspective in identifying human priorities of where to focus on our innovation.

Core Members


Prof. Shao-Yi Chien

Expert in Mulitimedia IC Design


Dr. Solo Chang

16+ years of Engineering Mgr. Exp. in ARM and NVIDIA

Ya-Eng Lin

Ya-Eng Lin

10+ years of Sales and Marketing Exp. in P&G and 3M

Martin Lin

Martin Lin

15+ years of Sales/Product Mgr. Exp. in mobile phone (ASUS/Compal)



Prof. Su-Ling Yeh

Expert in Visual Psychology

NSC Outstanding Research Award


Prof. Homer Chen

Expert in Image Processing

IEEE Fellow


Dr. Hong-Chi Fang

Expert in IC Production

CEO of MultiTek Inc.

Compact solutions for VR/AR/Smart glasses

Getting the most immersive and intuitive experience of the digital world in a minimum of time.

Eye tracker can empower the AR/VR/Smart glasses to respond more correctly with the behavior and intention of the user, which can reduce the power consumption of the device (e.g. foveated rendering) and provide more immersive experience to the user (e.g. reduction in dizzy feeling, intuitive interaction, vivid facial expression in the virtual environment, etc.).

A schematic diagram of Ganzin Aurora Ⅱ Software Package

Ganzin Aurora Ⅱ Software Package

Advanced Ganzin AI-based Algorithm optimized on Qualcomm XR Platform.

  • Adquate for all kind of deveices with Qualcomm XR chipset.
  • Easiest mechanical design, only single sensor and illuminator are needed to attach the device.
  • Complete SDK and technical support
  • Most wide application scenarios on the market

Ganzin Aurora Ⅰ

A compact module enabling eye-tracking capability on clients' AR/VR/smart-glasses, comprising only two EyeSensors and one Eye Processing Uint (EPU).

  • Easiest mechanical design
  • Smallest form factor
  • Lowest power consumpption
Image of Ganzin Aurora module

Whole glasses solution

Eye movment is the key features to decode the cipher of human mind.

The potential of eye tracker on revealing the intention/attention of the user has been exploited in several domains, such as research, marketing, education, IOT, etc.

Image of Ganzin Sol glasses

Sol Glasses

Ganzin Aurora Ⅱ Development kit powered by ganzin AI technology, providing accurate and robust gaze data with simplest component.

  • Up to 120Hz sampling rate
  • 1080p FOV140° scene camera
  • Audio and Gyro sensor

Suitabe for using in research, marketing analysis, smart manufacture, professional training, etc.

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Ganzin News

Ganzin news

Ganzin will give a talk in the XR Golden Show on Aug. 27, 2021.

As one of the best XR application providers in Taiwan XR startups, we will expound the position we will be in the "Metaverse" and demo our latest apllicaitons.

If you are interested in Ganzin and the "Metaverse", you can access this event through the following links:



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